Rundgang 2020

Poster series and visual system for the annual exhibition of the Berlin Academy of Arts

2nd place in the Rundgang-Design-Competition 2020

The seven posters are created with a modular system of pictures and words. It represents the art academy as a place, where things are being transformed, turned, combined, mixed and renegotiated. Like this new things, ways, meanings and solutions develop. At the annual exhibition we show our thus developed works. All modules can be combined and swapped, because the work at an art academy is free and open-ended, an experiment. It is always alterable and flexible. The illustrations reflect the diversity of the UdK: human, nature, technic, design, culture. The terms refer to the goals and values of the UdK as big interdisciplinary art academy.


Translation of the poster headlines


Kunstfortschritt: art progress

Wechselforschung: transition research 

Laborperspektive: laboratory perspective

Ideenkonstruktion: idea construction

Ästhetikdiversität: esthetic diversity

Phantasiepolitik: phantasy politics

Kulturkollaboration: culture collaboration