Noah’s World

Episodical comic book in German

Work in progress, aimed 48 pages

19.5 x 27 cm


The neglected boy Noah spends his time in the garden, a magical place full of fantastic events of which his parents know nothing about. Noah picks stars from the sky, makes friends with a mole and awakens a marble statue. In short double-page-long comic episodes, the matters of course of the adult world are being questioned.

With my special scratching technique, atmospheric pictures are being created. Inviting the viewer to wonder along with Noah about the surreal powers of his world.

Panel 1
Parent: Noah! Do something useful! The mole has destroyed the whole garden again.
Take the shovel and remove the hills.
Panel 2
Mole: (in very old formal German) Be greeted good boy, I am Mortimer!
May I invite you for a cup of tea in my underground abode?
Panel 3
Noah: It’s nice here.
Mole: I thank you! This spruce standard lamp has been given to me by my great-grandfather.
He was the first mole who settled in these lands.

Panel 1
Parent: I got to go Noah! Craft something with the things in the shed!
But take care not to cut yourself!
Panel 2
Noah thinks: The last climate summit took place without results again.
Panel 3
Noah thinks: My generation has to prepare itself for climate change.
Panel 4

Panel 1
Parent: Don’t touch the statue! It’s not yet fixed to the base!
Panel 2
Statue: Oh! Thank you for awakening me! So long I have been asleep.
Now I, Athena, daughter of Zeus, guardian of Athens …
Panel 3
Noah: Watch out!
Statue: Goddess of – Ahhh!
Panel 4