Hats and other headwear from all over the world

This picture book won the “Hamburger Bilderbuchpreis” 2023 and will be published in German by “Carlsen Verlag” in 2024

17 x 27 cm


The 40 page picture book holds a collection of 24 headwear pieces which can be increased to any number. Per headwear there is at least one page displaying a large portrait of a person wearing the respective headgear and an info text. Some have additional illustrations relating to the headwear on the same page or even an extra page.


Headwear serves not only as decoration or protection. It is a message about its wearer, for example about her or his religion, place in a hierarchy, attitude or profession. Over time headgear has become tradition, symbol for movements, epochs and cultures. They have all kinds of forms, colours and materials. This book introduces a variety of people and goes on a journey through the cultural history of headwear.