I interpreted the manifesto as reflection over what illustration means to me and how I deal with my profession on a daily basis. For inspiration I mainly watched the Hillman Curtis artist series and I have a lot of notes I take from the wisdom of my professor Henning Wagenbreth in Berlin. 



The typography is a mixture of my own scrap type font and Space Mono Regular (one of the free google fonts Jono introduced us to). It creates an interesting contrast between my very hand crafty looking self made font and the computerish mono space font. Also I found it interesting to use monospace, because I have not done it before. It is challenging to set a harmonious body text with this type of font. 

I wanted to make an illustration accompanying the text. This is my first trial:


I was not satisfied with this motive so I decided to pursue an other idea. Over the last months I just for fun have been making little images of a child poking its nose. I figured in combination with the title „digging deep“, they get a funny meaning. 

After some experimenting with the arrangement of text and images I found the folding pamphlet medium most fitting.